IPL Treatments – How Many Treatments & How often?


To get ideal results from an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment, we recommend that our patients do a series of 4-6 sessions performed 4 weeks apart. 


Why 4-6 treatments?

Each treatment builds upon the next one. Your skin needs to be treated safely & gradually to see how you will react. With our IPL Limelight machine we will customize the settings to target pigmentation & blood vessels at different depths of skin. It is imperative that IPL is done as a series to ensure SAFE and effective treatment of the skin without the risk of burning and further complications such as hyperpigmentation (skin becomes darker) and hypopigmentation (skin becomes lighter). 

*Important Note: Many patients come to our clinic asking for the highest settings possible and wanting to have all their pigmentation removed in the first session. If you are being treated by an experienced professional they will not risk damaging your skin, and they will choose customized settings to target your pigmentation and redness concerns gradually. This is what will ensure that you get amazing results.  


Why should the IPL treatments be done 4 weeks apart?

Skin cells turn over about every 30 days. This is the process where the skin naturally sheds dead cells and then new skin is born! This means that we need to give the skin enough time to recover (let the skin cells naturally turnover) and return to its normal state before we treat it again. Trust us, this is an important factor. You don’t want to be doing your sessions too close together. 


Are the results from IPL permanent? 

Patients often ask is the results from IPL are permanent and the answer is ‘yes & no’. It is without a doubt that a series of IPL treatments will dramatically improve your pigmentation and redness. However, we are constantly aging and even despite our best attempts at sun protection, we will still get exposed to the sun throughout the year. This means that treated brown spots can return if whatever caused them in the first place (sun, age, environmental stressors) reoccurs. So we can’t tell you that IPL results are 100% permanent and you will definitely want to do maintenance treatments every six months to a year to keep your skin in top shape. Just like everything in life, consistency & maintenance are needed for best results. 

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