PDO Threads in Vancouver, BC Minimally Invasive PDO Thread Lift

The bane of every maturing woman is keeping a youthful appearance. It used to seem so easy when you were younger, but now it seems like a full-time endeavour. The promise of a surgical face-lift is tempting, but the invasiveness and recovery period make you hesitate.

The right option for you may be a minimally invasive PDO thread lift.

What Is a PDO Thread Lift?

Thread lifts are a procedure that uses a type of suture to lift parts of the face and smooth out wrinkles. PDO stands for polydioxanone, the material the sutures are made from. In this particular procedure, the suture is used to provide a temporary lifting action to the treated area. The procedure also stimulates natural collagen production, providing a smoothing effect as well.

There are three types of PDO sutures that may be used. The first is a mono suture, which is a single thread. This is best used if you are looking for skin tightening and rejuvenation. Then there are cog threads, which have a barb-like surface and provide more lift and additional collagen production.

The final type is the screw thread, which uses 1-2 intertwined threads and provides additional volume. Both the cog and screw threads are better suited if you are looking for a stronger lifting and volume effect.

About the Procedure

The first step of the procedure is to have the plan mapped out on your face, much like a traditional face-lift. The insertion points are then treated with a local anesthetic. Most people will feel some pressure but usually not pain.

The threads are then fed under the skin using a cannula, which is similar to an IV tube. When the cannula is at the targeted endpoint, the thread is released, and the cannula is removed. This process is repeated until all threads are in place to achieve the desired result.

The ends of the threads are then trimmed, and the area is massaged to ensure it is smooth and without dimples.

You can expect to return to your normal activity level about a day or two after the procedure. There is practically no downtime!

PDO threads can be also combined with dermal fillers for even more satisfactory results!

Is a PDO Thread Lift Right for You?

People with jowls, nasolabial folds, or fine lines and wrinkles can benefit from a PDO thread lift. “Cat eyes” or “fox eyes” are also popular procedures, as seen in some young celebrities, and this dramatic eye shape modification is also achieved with PDO threads. PDO threads may also be used to enhance the contour of your lips, accentuating their design and shape.

However, every person is different, so you should consult with our expert physician, Dr. Giselle Villar, to see what may be best for you. Call to schedule your initial appointment today.

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