Mini Lip Injections in Vancouver, BC

If subtle is the way you like to roll, mini lip injections could be your answer for plumper, fuller lips. These injections add a little volume each time, allowing you to reach your desired fullness at your pace. You keep control.

What is a mini lip injection?

Soft tissue fillers are injected into your lips to make them look fuller and plumper. It is a mini version of a full lip augmentation, and so the results are more subtle. You inject at your speed and much smaller doses. The fillers are synthetic hyaluronic acid, the sugar that your body produces naturally, so the injections are completely safe.  Moreover, since your body produces it naturally, the risk of an allergic reaction is significantly reduced.

How does it work?

You figure out how full you want your lips to be and how quickly you want to achieve that goal. If you have photos of the look you are going for, bring them in. Once the fullness and pace have been determined, a topical numbing agent will be applied to the injection area. The injection will then be given. The whole process lasts about 15-30 minutes.  You will notice immediate results. The augmentation lasts for a couple of months so you can decide how you like what you see before deciding to continue to augment.

So if you want fuller, plumper lips but are afraid of ending up with a “trout pout” or a look that you will instantly regret, a mini lip injection is a predictable, safe way to get started. Call us and schedule an appointment. Bring any photos that can help us map out your new look. This method is almost painless, much less costly and will never leave your lips looking overdone or overinflated.

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