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Specialist Physician

Dr. Giselle Villar

Dr. Giselle Villar, a specialist physician, boasts 13 years of exemplary experience in medical aesthetics. Her extensive training in advanced Botox and dermal fillers has taken her across the United States, Canada, and Brazil, refining her skills in the pursuit of excellence. With a focus on innovation, she is well-versed in the MD Codes technique, ensuring precise and tailored aesthetic solutions for her patients.

In 2021, Dr. Villar achieved a significant milestone by earning a postgraduate degree in practical dermatology from the esteemed University of Cardiff. Beyond aesthetics, she brings over 25 years of expertise as an anesthesiologist, reflecting a multifaceted approach to patient care. Dr. Villar actively contributes to medical education through teaching, involvement in national specialty board examinations, and as a distinguished presenter at both national and international conferences. Her commitment to advancing the field and delivering outstanding patient outcomes marks her as a respected and influential figure in the medical community. In addition to her impressive credentials, she recently completed training in trichology and non-surgical hair restoration. 

Furthermore, Dr. Villar possesses comprehensive expertise with biostimulators, lasers, and various cutting-edge technologies. Her adept utilization of these advanced tools reflects a commitment to staying at the forefront of the field, ensuring her patients benefit from the latest and most effective aesthetic solutions.
Dr. Villar is the founder and lead instructor at RSVP Medical Aesthetics Academy, where she provides comprehensive training on Botox and dermal fillers to physicians and nurses. Driven by a passion for elevating the standards of aesthetic care, her role as an educator reinforces her commitment to shaping the next generation of skilled practitioners in the field.

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