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Strong, toned bodies are the result of many hours spent at the gym. It takes months of frequent and consistent workouts to develop a muscular definition that can be appreciated. Once you have muscles it is easy to maintain them but the process of getting them can be discouraging. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a shortcut? Well, now there is!

It’s no secret that body contouring treatments exist and some can permanently reduce localized areas of fat without diet, exercise or plastic surgery. RSVP Beauty Clinic offers Vanquish for fat reduction and now EMSCULPT for body sculpting. Because EMSCULPT goes beyond what any other treatment can do! Until now, body contouring was only about fat! Beyond dealing with stubborn areas of localized fat, you need MUSCLES! Do you want a 6 pack abdomen? Or a non-surgical butt lift? What about strong arms? It is hard to believe, we know, but be ready to get stunned by EMSCULPT results!

EMSCULPT is the first treatment in the industry that effectively builds muscles. This will not only give you a more attractive body, but you will also notice an improvement in exercise and sports performance and it will even help you in your daily living activities. It can help you build your abdominal muscles and give you core support to eliminate back pain, for example. If you are a skier you might want to strengthen your leg muscles. One 30 minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 repetitions at the gym! This is the shortcut to the lean well-defined and strong body that you have always dreamt about!

We admit that when we first heard about this new category of treatment we were skeptical. We didn’t believe four 30-minute EMSCULPT treatments could do much, and we also had our doubts that anyone wanting to build muscle would prefer being hooked up to a machine instead of just going to the gym. Once we looked at the clinical evidence we were intrigued. When we actually experienced an EMSCULPT treatment, however, we were convinced. We were, in fact, beyond impressed...we were blown away!

RSVP Beauty Clinic is one of the only clinics to own Vanquish and EMSCULPT, both technologies from the same company (BTL), making them fully compatible. We create body sculpting protocols that combine fat reduction using Vanquish with muscle toning using EMSCULPT. We build up a treatment plan tailored to achieve your personal goals.

You can work on different areas of your body including the abdomen, gluteus (butt lift), arms, thighs, calves, and back.

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EMSCULPT uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to create supramaximal muscle contractions. Unlike voluntary contractions that can only be sustained briefly, during an EMSCULPT treatment the muscles are contracted to supramaximal levels and sustained intensely for varying durations of several seconds each. During a 30-minute treatment, repetitions of supramaximal contractions are applied six times. Comparing these rounds to a workout at the gym, you could think of each round as a “set.” Between each set, the machine delivers numerous intervals of mechanical massage. This breaks down lactic acid to reduce muscle soreness after this intense mechanically-induced workout. The 30-minute treatment amounts to the equivalent of doing 20,000 reps! The result is muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia. In other words, the muscle grows and new strands of muscle fibers are created. Now, that is amazing!


During the supramaximal muscle contractions, signals are sent to the brain that an extreme amount of energy is going to be needed to supply these contractions. This brings about a dramatic release of free fatty acids (FFA’s) that exceeds normal levels. As the FFA’s accumulate in surrounding adipocytes, catabolic and supramaximal lipolysis leads to their dysfunction and results in apoptosis of the fat cells. In laymen’s terms, what this means is that EMSCULPT destroys the fat cells, permanently! The fat cells then clear from the body naturally just as they do with VANQUISH, which is also offered at RSVP Beauty Clinic.


Reduction of fat and increased muscle density and volume lead to better definition and muscle tone! Based on seven independently audited clinical studies using CT scans, MRI, Ultrasound and blood tests, EMSCULPT results prove it is effective with zero non-responders! It is also completely safe, with no adverse events. Significant growth of muscle and reduction of fat occurs after an EMSCULPT treatment. Studies have shown that EMSCULPT can induce the following results:

  • An average 4 cm reduction in the waistline
  • An average 16% increase in the thickness of existing lean muscle
  • An average 7% increase in the number of muscle fibers
  • An average 19% reduction in fat within the treatment area
  • An average 11% reduction in the separation of the abdominal muscle from pregnancy (diastasic recti)
  • 96% of patients were satisfied with their treatment results!

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