Welcome to RSVP Team!

Dr Heather, welcome to RSVP Beauty Clinic Team!

Dr. Heather Cadenhead completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology and Health Sciences, MD and FRCPC Anesthesia Residency at the University of British Columbia. She has a special interest in Cardiac Anesthesia and is attending a fellowship at Stanford University. Her passion for aesthetics originates in a holistic approach to health, wellness and helping individuals to look and feel youthful at any age. She hopes for individualized natural transformations in her clients with minimal invasiveness and downtime. Heather completed her BOTOX COSMETIC®certificate and is being mentored under Dr. Villar to administer a broad spectrum of cosmetic treatments for a diverse patient population. When she isn’t at the clinic, she is a full time anesthesiologist, dedicated dog mom, avid runner, seasonal biker, culture and travel enthusiast.

You can book your appointment with Dr. Heather on Saturdays at RSVP Beauty Clinic!