Save Your Neck

Which area of your body do you think is the first to show signs of aging? Your neck! You take such good care of your face with facials, products and sun protection. You also take great care of your body with fitness, body contouring, massage, etc. Your neck is literally the LAST place that gets attention… And that’s a big mistake. Whether you are reading this and haven’t yet taken anti aging measures for your neck, it’s much easier to prevent a problem rather than fix it. But If you have developed those impossible-to-hide neck lines or sagginess (like most of us have), It’s not too late to do something about it. At our clinic we offer a specialized treatment to correct neck concerns. It’s called the ‘Secret Pro Neck Package’. This includes 1 Secret Pro RF session, 1 Syringe of Radiesse, and 1 complimentary SkinCeuticals Tripeptide Neck Repair Cream for you to use at home. This is the most effective combination of treatments and products available on the market. The treatments are administered in the clinic by Dr. Villar and our experienced technician. Save your neck today and contact us to schedule your appointment ASAP.